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"I quit smoking several years ago with Colin.  It was the best decision I ever made to come and quit smoking. I've never felt better health wise; I should have done it years before. There were a couple times afterwards I was concerned and stressed to the point where I was shaking all over. The desire to have a cigarette to reduce that and pacify myself was extreme but in my head said don't do it. Because if you do, if you have that one, you will start up again. I wouldn't stop at one. So, I nipped it in the bud and said NO, I'm not going to have it.

After quitting I still followed some of the same habits by going to a specific place where I used to smoke, but I replaced smoking with drinking water. I still had that time away from family and stress, but I just didn't want to smoke anymore. My thoughts changed to smoking is disgusting. Now, I can't stand to be around others who smoke.

The smell is disgusting and now I think that used to be me.  I smoked 25 a day for 28 years and now it's gone. I did give it up for 5 years when having my baby, but a stressful situation started up my smoking again. The more stressed I got, the more I would smoke. Now when I feel stress, I deal with it in a different way. I take myself out of that situation and I deal with it. Now I can see it was a habit, a pattern. I don't need to do that anymore.

Two years later, healthy, happy Sue."      Sue (Charters Towers)

"A few weeks after doing the quit smoking program I thought I would still have issues or cravings. I've socialised with friends who smoke since then and even thought about having a smoke, but then realised I don't feel the need to smoke anymore. No pangs, no real feelings about it anymore. I have no more desire for smoking. I feel like I've never smoked before. The program was so easy."    Lee (Home Hill)

"I found the quit program on google after deciding it was time to quit the habit (of smoking) and get healthier. I also had a cough that was annoying me. The session was fine and when I walked out I didn't feel any different.

At that point there was a message in the back of my brain saying I'll go and have a cigarette now, but I didn't do it. That's the point, you may have the thoughts of wanting a cigarette, but now there's something there that says, 'no you don't need it.' There's a switch now.

On previous times when I've tried to give up on my own, that switch never worked. It's always been a matter of willpower, which none of us have when it comes to giving up smoking. I found that I walked outside after the session feeling the same, but yet something had changed. For 1-2 weeks I was a little bit touchy about smoking and felt I could give in to the urge, but then the switch clicked in and I just didn't smoke. It became even easier after that.

Although I did still think about smoking occasionally or in certain circumstances because of habit, I just didn't need to smoke. It just got easier and easier as time went on. I was a smoker for 30 years around 10-15 per day in the later years, but around 30 per day in my younger years. Regardless of the numbers, it was still a habit that had to be broken.

It's been 9 months now, my cough is gone and I feel a lot better in myself. That smokers smell is gone, which is nice. I can now go off and do things without the huffing and puffing. All the little things add up and the financial gain is pretty good too."      Kylie (Collinsville)


"I came on 30 July and did the quit smoking program. I had previously quit for 2 years but took it back up again. I came and saw Colin. I can do nothing but refer the hypnosis to give up smoking. For the first 2 hours I couldn't even say the word smoke. It wouldn't come out of my mouth.  Now if I think of a smoke, I get this foul taste in my mouth. I have not put weight on. I'm not stressed at all about it.

I would refer it to anybody. I think it is the best way to quit. It saves money. What I've paid for has saved me money already in not buying smokes. 100%. I love it."
Nicole (Townsville)


"Hi Colin,  Just a note to say thank you for your Quit Cigarettes programme. It's been two years today since I came to see you and I haven't touched a cigarette since.

The freedom from the "need" to smoke and all the other benefits associated with being a non smoker are wonderful. Your hypnosis treatment was one of the best things I've done in my life and I wish every smoker could understand how effective it is.  Thanks again"        
Paul  (Townsville)


"I stopped automatically after the Quit Smoking session with Colin, felt really good afterwards. I went home, felt tired, listened to the Stress Reduction CD that Colin had given me and I have never wanted a cigarette since.  I highly recommend doing the hypnosis to quit. It has been 10 months since I quit and I’ve had no dramas, it was easy. I was smoking 25 cigarettes a day and if I was drinking I would smoke more.

I feel really, really good and healthy now. I can breathe, no more anxiety or depression either. I have continued with the tapping (EFT) and used the Stress Reduction CD that Colin recommended and I have felt really good ever since."  Chrissy (Townsville)


"I used to smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. 5 months ago, I came in to see Colin, brought my smokes in with me. I threw them in the bin when I left and I had no desire to smoke afterwards. I used the reminder card and sheets that Colin had given me afterwards. I know I will never smoke again.  I had tried to quit many times but it was only temporary before. I know this is permanent this time."     Bernadette
“13 years of smoking. I quit enough times to quit, "quitting."  2 weeks and 3 days later a solid non smoker and I've had plenty of drinking sessions and I can fairly say I'm cured. I've never felt better.  Thanks mate and to all that reads this it is worth it.”  L.F. 

"I needed and wanted to change. Colin helpes me realise the other areas in my life also attributing to my smoking.  I am now a non-smoker and I look forward to a longer life.  I'm glad I saw Colin who provided an easy alternative to Quit."   Connie (Townsville) 

"I have been a smoker for the biggest part of my life (45 years). Have tried to Quit several times, this is the first time I will be leaving a "non" smoker. Feels great and a good decision. Great work Colin, Thanks."
Peter (2.02.15 - Townsville)

"I was ready to make a real attempt at a lifestyle change. I feel like this system has given me the power and strength to make this happen. I feel great and motivated."     Jodie (Townsville)

"A wonderful secure session that I should have done years ago."    Peter (Townsville)

"The most amazing feeling. Definitely will never smoke again. I felt very comfortable and will recommend this to anyone."    Tony (Townsville)

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