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Our Guarantee to You

Lifetime Guarantee to stop smoking using our Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes method

We are so confident in this system that we are still the only people who back up our quit cigarettes session with a guaranteed commitment to help you become a non-smoker for life. This means that if you ever start smoking cigarettes again, we will do a follow up session at no charge to help you quit cigarettes for good.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you ever start smoking cigarettes again in the future, we will do a session for FREE to help you become a non-smoker again.

This system makes it so easy that you will know for yourself that at the end of the session, you are now a non-smoker. You won't feel as if you are giving anything up, or having to cope with not having cigarettes.

You will be satisfied and happy that you have now done what so many people only wish to do. Be a non-smoker with ease. You have become a happy, permanent, non-smoker for life.

A Unique Offer

The reason we offer our unique commitment for your success is because we have an outstanding success rate. Essentially most people easily quit in one Quit Cigarettes session. For those that don't, they quit during the free follow up session covered by our commitment to your success.

So that means if you really want to be a non smoker for life, you too can quit with one easy session or we work with you until you are.

Call now on 0418 183 080 to make a reservation and become a non-smoker for Life.


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